Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So, where have I been?  Has anyone even noticed?  First off I moved.  Yep finally I got out of the frozen climate to milder climes.

Second, I am not quite an empty nester but getting there.  The child is in college. I need real money, so I went begging for a 'real' job. I got one.  Now I am starting to feel a little more comfortable and like I have the occasional clue.  So it must be time to relocate again.  Yes.  We are (hopefully) buying a house.  Now that is an interesting process which will most likely be shared on the other Blog.

Last but not least is the reason we are buying a house and leaving this one.  I love this property, I like the house. Except we moved from 2000 sq ft into about 1500 sq feet.  All of my sewing, crochet, soaping items are packed in the garage because I do not have space in which to work.  I will be back,  but wanted everyone to know that while you may have hoped I fell off the face of the earth,  no such luck.

Oh and now for the project list:
1. Fix a bunch of clothes.
2. Some skirts for me
3. Finish PuuChuu
4. Gutters for new house.
5. Deck repair for new house
6. Quilts for walls for new house
7  Organize EOs
8 Set up utility sink/drying area for soap
9. Sort fabrics

 I'll be back!

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